May 5th, 2015: “How can Ex-Convicts break the Cycle of Violence?” PIX 11/WPIX-TV


May 20th, 2013: “The Trauma of the Incarcerated Experience,” Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review


February 20th, 2005: “Uncaptive Minds,” The New York Times

Dr. Mika’il DeVeaux and others talk about the use of force in prison with Brian Fischer, former Commissioner, NYS Department of Corrections, Tom Robbins, who has written about this issue for “The New York Times” and The Marshall Project, Mary Lynne Werlwas, from The Legal Aid Society’s Prisoner’s Rights Project at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Voices from Beyond the Bars (Panel Discussion) Featuring: Mika'il DeVeaux, Kirk James &Yolanda Johnson Moderated by Soffiyah Elijah
"We need to support returning citizens as if they were indeed our family, show them love." Mika'il DeVeaux, Executive Director, Citizens Against Recidivism and Doctoral Student, at faith leader reflection at Marshall Meyer Retreat supporting reentry. For more info on the retreat, see
A conversations about the effects of solitary confinement

Mika'il DeVeaux takes a look at reform v. Abolition of the criminal injustice system. Mika'il was working on his PhD at Hunter College